Anma Essence

Anma Essence: A 90 minute comprehensive healing therapy for slimming & much more Have you ever suffered from a sore body that lacks energy and feels heavy? Well, now is the time to end it. Anma Essence - Now experience a premium weight loss therapy that helps your body relax and rejuvenate with hand healing therapy.


Anma Essence focuses on the body's pressure points and meridians to activate the body's natural energy glow for optimum Wellness. Infused with the knowledge of ancient Asian medicine and massage techniques - Anma Essence is an "energy therapy" that uses gentle hand techniques to re-pattern the body's energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind and spirit. Designed as a complete healing system, it promotes body slimming, detoxification, reduction of water retention, pain management and increased energy flow.


As it channels the body's overall wellbeing, it improves skin tone by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and further promoting blood circulation to all Organs.

It increases the metabolism that further leads to weight loss.

Anma Essence helps in eliminating waste products from the body through pumping massaging action that allows for Detoxification of the body.

It improves lymphatic circulation leading to weight loss.

It further contours the body for tightened, firmer skin with a slimming effect.

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