Here are the Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Looks



Every bride wishes that her wedding day should be hassle-free and follows decorum. There is a lot to think about, from the food to the guest list. Also, makeup and the outfit should be perfect. Focus on the current Indian Bridal makeup once you've chosen the perfect dress for the day, as well as the appropriate jewellery and accessories. 

However, if you want to look perfect on your big day, ensure to get your makeup look done by reliable and experienced professionals like VLCC. Additionally, there are trends in numerous makeup styles and bridal attire, whether you choose South Indian bridal makeup or Kashmiri bridal makeup. Continue reading to know more. 

List of Top 5 Bridal Makeup Looks

Here are the top Indian bridal makeup looks to make it easy to select one for your wedding. 

 1. Kerala Bridal Makeup-

A Kerala bride looks gorgeous in her traditional wedding white saree with a beautiful gold zari border. Currently, sarees in bright orange silks with beautiful golden zari are trendy. The Kerala bridal makeup style is clean and straightforward, with white jasmine flowers in the hair and a Bindi on the forehead to create that bridal spark. In addition, the eyes are sharpened with smokey kohl or kajal, followed by three to four strokes of mascara, and the lips and cheeks are tinted in a light rosy nude.

 2. Bengali Bridal Makeup-

The Bengali makeup includes a deep red lip, lots of blush, a sharp winged liner to highlight the bronze-hued eye makeup, strong, well-defined eyebrows, and heavy, lustrous eyelashes. Traditional Bengali bridal adornments such as Chandan Bindi designs are artistically drawn on the forehead and the exquisite Mukut - a crown made of white shola material worn for wealth and good luck -looks stunning with the traditional makeup.

 3. Punjabi Bridal Makeup-

A Punjabi wedding is exciting, lavish and fun. Like brides from other parts of India, Punjabi brides are typically adorned in bright hot pinks, dark reds, mustards, or velvety greens. The bride's natural glow is enhanced by the Punjabi bridal makeup, which complements her vibrant, bold, and lively wedding dress. Also, the Punjabi bridal traditions include soft pink lips, sparkling eyes, and exceptionally long lashes.

 4. Muslim Bridal Makeup-

Every Muslim bride's goal is to get beautiful, elegant, and seamless makeup on their wedding day. In contrast, gold shades and red lips are traditional Indian bridal makeup styles worn by Muslim brides. Also, brides nowadays choose to play around with their lips and eye colour. Most Muslim brides combine peachy-coral lips with long-winged liner and rosy cheeks. Additionally, the eyes are given a lot of attention, plus heavy contouring and highlighting are also used in Muslim bridal makeup.

 5. Marathi Bridal Makeup-

The iconic traditional Maharashtrian bridal appearance is created with crescent moon Bindi, bottle green nauvaris, and brilliant Mundavalyas framing the face. Marathi bridal makeup echoes this organic aesthetic with muted earthy tones and a very minimal amount of glitter. Natural brows, gently pigmented eyelids, contoured bronzer, and a natural lip are buffed out to bring off the bride's natural radiance. 

Above are the most popular Indian bridal makeup looks you can choose from for your wedding day. However, it would be best to get your makeup done by professionals like VLCC. Below are the makeup services offered by VLCC. 

Makeup Services Offered by VLCC 

VLCC is one of the industry's most reputable and trusted brands. Their skilled team ensures that all clients receive the best service possible at an affordable price. They offer a variety of wedding and pre-bridal makeup services to make your special day even more memorable. 

  • Pre-Bridal Makeup-

Since the wedding day is one of the most important days in a bride's life, it should be perfect in every way. VLCC offers various beauty services, including pre-bridal makeup and beauty services. VLCC's skilled beauty specialists and makeup artists ensure that each bride looks her very best on her wedding day. You can also get dietary, skincare, and makeup advice from VLCC professionals by calling or visiting your nearby VLCC salon.

  • Bridal Makeup

VLCC has over three decades of expertise in offering the best service to its clients. They have one of the best teams of makeup artists, beauty specialists, and dermatologists who work together to ensure that every bride has the best experience possible on her wedding day. Traditional bridal makeup, elegant bridal makeup, fashionable bridal makeup, modern bridal makeup, western and Christian, and Islamic bridal makeup are some of the options available to you.

They also offer groom's makeup, semi-permanent makeup, and party makeup in addition to these services. You can schedule your appointment for any of these services by calling, filling out an appointment form on their website, or visiting your nearby VLCC salon.


VLCC has a team of qualified dermatologists, beauty experts, makeup artists, nutritionists, and dieticians, all under one roof. They work together to ensure you look your best on your wedding day as you embark on a new chapter in your life. VLCC's bridal journey is filled with regional and religious sentiments to meet every bride's needs. As a result, if you'd like to get dolled up by our skilled staff, you can call us or visit one of our VLCC salons.

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