Kg Weight Loss

An IMA recommended therapy, VLCC Weight loss program is a blend of science, technology and physical workouts that propels weight loss to deliver fast results. VLCC weight loss program aims at a complete turnaround in lifestyle that steadily conditions clients to make healthier choices for effective weight loss

VLCC Weight loss program brings to you the expertise of our team of highly qualified professionals that include doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, counsellors, physiotherapists, nurses, therapists, beauty experts and dermatologists who holistically formulate highly customized programs just for you.

The program works by identifying and acknowledging the reasons for underlying obesity and takes care of health concerns related to excess weight. Starting from a body composition analysis, the program includes medical assessment, medical history, record of drugs and medicines used to conclude a customized solution for each individual. Then with a unique combination of Advance appliances and Body therapies, the program accelerates weight loss and cm loss as well as spot reduction in any targeted area as per the body type. The program also uses active and passive activities, to form a harmonious blend of natural and therapeutic measures, to infuse lifestyle changes for complete results.


Healthy lifestyle changes

Reduced risk of chronic illnesses

Effective weight loss

Visible slimming results

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