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Need to get ready for a party or wanting to uplift your mood? Pampering is now your new ally for all things beautiful. Start with VLCC Grooming Services. - An essential beauty package that keeps you looking prim, proper and oh so pretty with indispensable basic services.


Deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration keeps your skin healthy, nourished and protected. Remove dead skin cells and reveal soft supple skin with VLCC Glow Facial. A complete best friend for all your skin woes - Control signs of ageing, reduce hyperpigmentation, gently exfoliate skin to control whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and bacterial growth on the skin. Naturally hydrating ingredients present in the facial with intense massaging keeps your skin tone even and glowing.


A basic need but can something else change your face as strong, carved eyebrows do? Get rid of bushy eyebrows with the perfectly shaped brows, only at VLCC


Your hands tell the story of your future. Mark the importance of hand hygiene - as most foods we eat are with our hands, it's important to keep them clean. Now what's better if they look beautiful as well? VLCC manicure gently cleans and nurtures your fingers, nails and shapes them to keep them dainty, daily.


VLCC pedicure allows you to rest and relax. Now keep your foot down and enjoy soothing cleansing that removes dead skin cells and sweat stench to make your feet smell and look divine. Add a pop of color in the end and you are ready to walk the walk, while your feet look beautiful


Shaving at home is not only risky of cuts but also leads to ingrown hair that can give growth to bacteria and infections. VLCC waxing uses natural ingredients to deeply exfoliate your skin, remove unwanted hair from deep within without affecting the skin as well keeps your skin soft and supple.


Good hair can make it and bad hair can break it. A good haircut helps shape your face and keeps you feeling and looking beautiful. Now get your hair washed, cut and styled at VLCC for a new look, everytime.

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