A Premium Therapy For Immunity Support & Weight Loss

A comprehensive, 90 minute therapy, Saptaguna is designed with the benefits of ancient Ayurveda and new generation science to keep the body health and protected against illnesses and immunity challenging problems.

Comprised with the goodness of traditional Chinese acupressure practice, Saptaguna is proven to improve the body's ability of self-healing. Augmenting a "seven-point" healing therapy, Saptaguna empowers the seven chakras of the body to energize, revive and rejuvenate physical health. Focusing on key balancing attributes, the therapy allows for increased energy flow throughout the body which serves as the core of traditional healing properties. When continued, Saptaguna aids weight loss, improves skin tone and heals the body with increased circulation. The therapy detoxifies the body and eliminates waste products and toxins to reduce physical stress, muscle pains and chronic fatigue. It aids blood circulation in the body and helps oxygen reach all organs to improve skin tone, skin texture and make the skin soft, supple and firm. Intense massaging used in the therapy, traditionally also known as “healing with hands” stimulates oxygen flow to engage skin cells and tighten the skin for younger appearance by reducing build up that can lead to loose skin. Saptaguna with its healing properties contours the body, tightens the skin and provides a slimming effect. Additionally, the therapy can be combined with yoga and physical exercises to relax, detox and cleanse the body.


Weight Loss

Body Shaping

Pain Relief


Improved Immunity

Increased Vitality

Optimum Relaxation

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