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VLCC Weight Management & slimming is an IMA recommended programme providing advanced results to promote weight management and healthy living using minimally invasive to completely noninvasive treatments. VLCC Weight Management programs focus on helping customers attain the right body weight and shape with customized treatments according to individual requirements to control, reduce and remove excess body weight and unwanted fat.


A non-surgical body contouring procedure, Coolsculpting is a highly advanced service that enables fat reduction from any or all parts of the body. Hailed as a revolutionary service, Coolsculpting is an FDA approved - permanent fat loss treatment designed to ensure complete reduction of stubborn fat by freezing and eliminating excess fat cells from the body resulting in visibly slimmer and contoured body shape for figure enhancement.


A signature programme, VLCC Ayurveda infuses ancient and modern science to supplement wellness by promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and harmonization in the body. Combining a range of body therapies, right massage techniques using herbal oils and potions, VLCC Ayurveda effectively improves immunity, vitality and fitness of the body to aid weight loss, posture and figure correction.


VLCC body therapies include a range of special programs to restore good health. Conducted by Experts, VLCC body therapy sessions involve high technology machinery to break down stubborn fat, reduce stress, improve physical health, cure body pains and much more.


VLCC aesthetic dermatology aims at successfully improving physical features and skin quality to keep you looking beautiful, healthy and radiant. The program uses the latest technology to provide effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, dark spots, scars, cellulite marks, signs of ageing and much more. VLCC dermatology services undertake the latest advancements to combat skin issues, resulting in glowing, younger looking skin.


VLCC Grooming & Regular Beauty services comprises all essential services that elevates the physical appearance of individuals. VLCC Beauty services include a range of treatments – basic to high-end, like threading, facials, clean ups, massages and much more to keep you looking gorgeous and ready, everyday.


VLCC Hair & Hair technology involves grooming methods curated especially to augment hair health. From haircuts, to hair care treatments like spas and oil therapies, the service comprises of essentials that improve the texture, appearance and growth of healthy hair. To combat stress, environmental aggression, pollution and other issues that greatly contribute to poor hair health, VLCC uses professional hair care treatments to restore hair health.


VLCC laser treatments involve the usage of the latest technology to ensure safe and complete reduction of unwanted body hair. The service aims at delivering permanent results while keeping the skin safe to ensure smooth, soft and even toned skin for all complexion using non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to ensure maximum results and no pain.

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