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VLCC International facials is an exclusive range of skin therapies that stimulate skin health and improve skin quality, resulting in softer, even skin. The range of facials are designed using unique blends of science and naturally found exotic ingredients to exfoliate, hydrate and restore balance in the skin.

Now tackle a multitude of skin problems like poor texture, signs of ageing, dullness, roughness, acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness, itchiness and inflammation caused by free radicals, sun damage, and stress.

VLCC International facials not only boosts skin health but also reduces skin stress. With expert technicians and beauticians behind the facials, the massages help release pressure points to detoxify the skin and increase blood and oxygen circulation in the skin.

With gentle techniques to exfoliate, the range of facials help skin shed dead cells, control excessive oil production and process skin renewal.


A therapeutic skin treatment against dull skin, Ericson Facial tackles multiple skin problems at one go. A high tech French facial, Ericson quenches parched skin, removes dead cells and skin clogging to reveal noteworthy radiance. Further, it improves skin texture by tightening loose skin and effectively removes hyperpigmentation for even, brighter skin tone.


With benefits galore, Bellewave is part of the exclusive range of facials from Switzerland - powered by Swiss Bio-technology. With a unique combination of science and nature, the facial uses exotic ingredients to deep cleanse and hydrate the skin, deeply. A combination of herbs like tea tree oil and hand massage allows the skin to relax, eventually making the skin taut and bright. For firmer, younger looking skin, Bellewave is renowned internationally.


With deep roots in Japanese medicine, KANPEKI facial aims to rejuvenate skin through accelerated yet gentle exfoliation that works on clearing the epidermis of the skin for extraordinary, glowy results. Rich in anti-oxidants, the facial is proven to fight free radicals, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity and signs of ageing. Recognized as the global expert in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal, it keeps your skin healthy and young.

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